Periodismo y nuevos medios

Hoy mi estimado amigo @edagarmogo me recomendó un ensayo sobre el futuro del periodismo y los límites de los nuevos medios. En el ensayo se retoman las posiciones de Jarvis, Shirk y Rosen sobre los nuevos medios:

What their writings—particularly those of Jarvis and Shirky—share are a belief in the transformative power of networks, both for journalism and indeed for the world; and a related, but not identical, faith in the wisdom of crowds and citizen journalism, in volunteerism over professionalism, in the “journalism as conversation” over traditional models of one-to-many information delivery. The consensus believes that reporters and editors must enter into deep, if not constant, contact with readers via social media, especially Facebook and Twitter. The consensus favors “iterative” journalism—reporting on the fly, fixing mistakes along the way—versus traditional methods of story organization, fact-checking, and copyediting; it favors spontaneity and informality over formal style and narrative forms.

Aquí les dejo el link para que lo lean completo


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